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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has reaffirmed his full support for the Memorandum of Understanding and said that the government would not be taking any decision that would result in a breach of the MOU.
Mr. Patterson stated this at Jamaica House on Wednesday (May 18), during a meeting with members of the Monitoring Committee of the Memorandum of Understanding in response to the position articulated by the signatories of the MOU.
The Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions which is a signatory to the MOU as well a member of the Monitoring Committee, made it clear that they would not be in support of an increase in the wage bill or allowance of any public sector group. The JCTU however maintained that there existed a basis for a settlement of the dispute with the Police Federation without breaching the MOU.
The Prime Minister has instructed the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Fitz Jackson, to undertake an examination of those areas of the wage claim put forward by the Police Federation that were consistent with the preservation of the MOU.
In attendance at the meeting were representatives of the Ministry of Finance led by State Minister Hon. Fitz Jackson.
Trade Union representatives were Senator Dwight Nelson, President of the Joint Confederation of Trade Unions; Mr. Wayne Jones President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association; Ms. Helene Davis-Whyte of JALGO; Mr. Vincent Morrison of the NWU; Mr. Lambert Brown of the UAWU and Mr. Ray Howell representing the Jamaica Teachers Association.

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