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After viewing a presentation from the operators of Highway 2000, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has charged a team comprising the National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC), TansJamaican Highway Limited and Bouygues to complete a detailed and comprehensive study on a broad range of issues relating to the Portmore leg of Highway 2000. The report will include concerns raised by the residents of Portmore.
Mr. Patterson gave the instruction at a meeting held at Jamaica House on Thursday (Mar. 10) to review the interim report requested of the team in January. Among those in attendance at the meeting were, the Minister of Transport and Works Hon. Robert Pickersgill, Minster of Development Dr. Paul Robertson, Chairman of NROCC Mr. Kingsley Thomas, Dr. Wayne Reid Managing Director of NROCC and Mr. Trevor Jackson, Managing Director of TransJamaican Highway Limited.
Mr. Patterson said the further report to be presented within the next four weeks, should include a review of traffic studies conducted by TransJamaican Highway Ltd., issues relating to the provision and upgrading of the alternate route via Mandela Highway and what direct benefits could accrue to the Portmore Municipality and its residents upon completion of the toll road. The team would also continue to examine the possibility of a special toll rate for Portmore residents and the impact this would have on increasing usage of the roadway.
At Thursday’s meeting, the Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to continue the dialogue with the residents of Portmore, noting that the government had a responsibility to consider the legitimate concerns of the residents. He said also that it was expected that both the Government and Bouygues would honour their contractual arrangement taking into consideration the outcome of the work and the consultations he had ordered.

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