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Prime Minister Bruce Golding told the people of downtown Kingston that the town’s rebirth and redevelopment must be accomplished with them at the core as they are the life of downtown.
PM Golding while speaking a the official opening of SweetTings Bakery on December15 commended the CEO of SweetTings, Gassan Azan Jnr., for taking his business downtown as part of the redevelopment of downtown Kingston. He also praised Digicel and other companies for similar moves.

Minister of Information, Daryl Vaz cuts his birthday cake with his daughter at the opening of SweetTings Bakery in downtown Kingston. Prime Minister Bruce Golding (left), Ann-Marie Vaz and CEO of SweetTings Bakery, Gassan Azan Jnr. shared in the celebration.

“The government has a responsibility. We have to provide the planning; the market facilities and we’re working hard to do that. We have also provided policy support to the private sector.”
Mr. Golding continued to say that he hopes downtown Kingston will become a place to be reckoned with however, he noted that the people will have to conduct their business with a new sense of discipline.
Mr. Azan told the gathering that he believes in downtown Kingston and has always been committed to its development. He said the opening of the bakery represents an opportunity in Jamaica for employment of some of the best trained technical students.

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