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Prime Minister Bruce Golding on Friday (June 20) presented ten new computers to the Mt. Industry Primary School in St. Catherine, to help boost the school’s education programme and enhance the learning experience for the children.
Mr. Golding told the students that computers could now bring all the libraries of the world to them at the click of a button and make learning much easier than before. “These computers that you see here can bring all the libraries to you sitting right where you are”. He encouraged the students to make every use of the opportunity that has been afforded them and to use the computers to broaden their knowledge.
Mr. Golding told the students that they could become anything they wanted to be. “Every one of you has a brain whose power is virtually unlimited. You can become anything that you want to become, but you have to keep packing that brain with knowledge,” Mr. Golding told the students.
Noting that teachers are important to the education process, Mr. Golding said that the teachers should ensure that the computers were used in a way that would help the students learn and broaden their knowledge. He said students should also not be afraid to ask questions in class whenever they did not understand something as too many children move from lesson to lesson without understanding because they were too ashamed to ask questions.
Mr. Golding said the decision to donate the computers was based on the reality that very often schools in rural areas like Mt Industry Primary do not get as much assistance as their urban counterparts. He expressed the hope that the computers would help the students get the hands-on the knowledge required to become the kind of productive citizens the country needs. An existing classroom is to be refurbished and transformed into a fully equipped computer laboratory in time for the reopening of school in September.
School Principal Pamela Roberts said the school was grateful for the computers, especially in light of the school’s remote location. She said technology was a vehicle for transferring information to the youth, express the hope that the school’s educational standard would improve and that students would graduate with the experience needed in a technologically driven world.
Other speakers at the handing over ceremony included Member of Parliament, St. Catherine North Eastern, Gregory Mair; Education Officer, Andrew Miles, and Councillor for the Mt. Industry Division, Michelle Gilzene.

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