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Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has pledged her support to the building of a strong family structure in Jamaica.
“Every family needs security. I want our family to be well protected, that our people can walk the streets freely and they can conduct their business with a sense of security and enjoy the comforts of their homes without fear,” said Mrs. Simpson Miller.
The Prime Minister was making her contribution to the 2007/08 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives today (May 1). She informed the House that her vision for the Jamaican family is one where “they have the means to adequately meet their economic and social needs.” “Our Jamaican family members must be confident that they can earn a living, and live their dreams right here in Jamaica. I see our Jamaican family having full access to modern educational facilities, up-to-date technologies, the best trained teachers and a curriculum that is appropriate to Jamaican reality,” the Prime Minister said. She also stressed that health and well-being contributed to the happiness and capability of a family.
“My vision for every member of the family is to have access to good health care, and to live in a healthy, sustainable and enriching environment. Jamaicans have a tradition of taking pride in their surroundings. Members of the Jamaican family must feel beautiful inside and reflect this beauty in their actions,” said the Prime Minister. “I have long come to the conclusion that if we could provide adequate amenities, for example, roads, water supply, housing, security and education, we would be freeing up reservoirs of energy that would push this country forward in a most remarkable way,” she added. Mrs. Simpson Miller also noted that “all of us make up the Jamaican family, and together as one united family we can make this change, one Jamaica, one family shaping the future together.”

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