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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has called on Jamaicans in the Diaspora to reflect on the struggles of their forefathers and not to allow their hard won victories to die in vain.
In his Independence message to the Diaspora, read at a Thanksgiving Service to mark the country’s 46th Anniversary of Independence at Howard University on August 3, Mr. Golding said that, “as we mark the important milestone of our nation’s Independence, let us recall the valiant struggles of our forefathers, and strengthen our resolve, not to fail them, by allowing their hard won victories to die in vain.”
The message, read by Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Dr. Ronald Robinson, urged Jamaicans to recapture the initial excitement that prevailed 46 years ago, and seek to spread that fire of passion amongst the younger generation. “It is to them that we will turn, to take up the mantle of leadership for the future,” Mr. Golding said.
The Prime Minister pointed out that at this time of Independence, “let us join hands and hearts in ‘One Love’ and as ‘One Family,’ and do what we know we have the capacity to do, take our beloved Jamaica on a path of sustained prosperity, that we dreamed of so long ago.”
Mr. Golding said that much of Jamaica’s accomplishments could not be achieved without the contribution of the Jamaican Diaspora. “I am heartened by the deep and abiding commitment and loyalty to Jamaica, that is displayed by our overseas counterparts. Despite leaving our shores many years ago, that spirit of patriotism has remained kindled in their hearts,” he said.
“I have long advocated for a structured, concerted and collaborative effort to be forged with members of our Diaspora, as they represent an impressive reservoir of experience, expertise and talent, which can be harnessed and channeled into advancing the development of our country,” the Prime Minister added.
Delivering the sermon, General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance, Reverend Dr. Neville Callam, urged members of the Jamaican Diaspora not to lose sight of the value of love and family.
“The theme for this year’s Independence, ‘One Love, One Family’, is a timely one and we must ensure that it becomes a part of our daily lives. All Jamaicans, whether at home or abroad, should embrace it,” Rev. Callam said.
Washington’s Mayor, Adrian Fenty, in his proclamation, congratulated all members of the Jamaican community in the District of Columbia and called on all the residents of the city to join in saluting Jamaica on its 46 years of Independence.