JIS News

Plans are in high gear for the 2006 St. James 4-H food festival, ‘Nyamins and Jammins’, scheduled for Monday, October 16 at the Catherine Hall entertainment complex in Montego Bay.
According to Co-ordinator of the event, Marlene Stephenson-Dalley, the event is aimed at tantalizing the taste buds with typical mouth watering Jamaican foods, while at the same time showcasing the vintage popular and gospel sounds of the island.
“Things are looking good. We are in full swing, and preparations have started at the venue. We have held our briefing with the people who will be providing all the food and drinks for the day, and we will be meeting with our volunteers. We still have a lot of people knocking on the door, so we might have a few surprises,” she told JIS News.
She explained that the event is staged as the main fund-raiser for the 4-H Movement in St. James, with the proceeds going towards training the 4-H clubbites in the parish.
“All our funds go back to the training and development of both the leaders and the clubbites in the parish. We have more than 50 clubs and over 3,000 clubbites and we do training in leadership and a range of life skills,” the Co-ordinator said.
Mrs. Stephenson-Dalley noted that the St. James 4-H Clubs also grant scholarships to clubbites who are financially challenged, but are doing well in school. She appealed to members of the public to support the festival.