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The Legal Metrology and Petroleum Inspectorate is urging the consuming public to have confidence in the Authority’s regulatory work and to assist the entity in spotting areas of non-compliance.

The Inspectorate, which is a unit of the National Compliance and Regulatory Authority (NCRA), is responsible for the testing and verification of all weighing and measuring devices that are used in the petroleum trade.

It also undertakes the sampling of imported petroleum products and those mixed in-island.

“For the consuming public, I want you to have confidence… that the quality of petroleum products that you purchase to fuel your vehicle has met the required standards,” said Inspector-in-Charge at the Inspectorate, Devon Perry, while addressing a JIS Think Tank on September 27.

All imported petroleum products are detained by the NCRA and a sample submitted to the Chemistry Unit of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica for testing.

Mr. Perry said that petroleum products are not released to the consuming public unless they meet all established parameters.

“We can proudly say that all the fuel stations, importers and blenders of fuel products – they are in full compliance of the legislation and its regulations,” he pointed out.

Mr. Perry shared that the Inspectorate’s testing and verification of petrol stations in two-fold.

It involves NCRA Inspectors visiting facilities unannounced and checking fuel pumping devices to ensure their accuracy in measurements and that they have not been tampered with.

There is also a voluntary certification programme where petrol station owners and operators can have their devices tested and certified twice a year.

All weighing devices and measuring instruments verified by the NCRA should have clearly displayed stickers indicating that they have passed the NCRA’s checks.

“When you go to purchase fuel, assist us by checking that the ‘pass’ stickers are on all these devices – the gas nozzles, the scales in the supermarket,” Mr. Perry urged.

“Check the expiry date and you can contact the NCRA for us to carry out an investigation to ensure that all weighing and measuring devices are in compliance with the regulations,” he added.

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