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MANDEVILLE — Householders, who use substances such as gas oil to treat their homes for termites, are being urged to desist from that dangerous practise.

Registrar at the Pesticide Control Authority (PCA), Michael Ramsay, said that rather that eliminating the pest, the use of these substances can cause harm. He said that getting rid of termites requires the use of toxic chemicals, which are only sold to licenced exterminators.

“Termites cannot be treated by a householder. The poison has to be extremely toxic and that is why those particular pesticides are only to be sold to licenced pesticides people,” he told a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Mandeville held at the Golf View Hotel in the Manchester capital.

“When people try to do it themselves, they get themselves into real problems, and they don’t solve the problem anyway. I hear of people, who are using gas oil… but spraying gas oil into one’s ceiling is just begging for a fire,” he stated.

The PCA Registrar is also urging persons to exercise caution in handling substances used to rid the home of common pests such as rats, ants and bugs. He noted that rat bait accounts for some 40 per cent of the reported accidental poisoning in Jamaica.

He advised that householders must always wear protective gloves when handling bug sprays and other poisons, and these must be kept out of the reach of children, pets and other animals. He said that rooms should be properly ventilated when spraying. 

Mr. Ramsay said pesticides that are sold on the market without proper labeling must be reported to the PCA, as users need to read and understand their applications before using them.




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