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Sixty-nine persons serving the 4-H Movement in Portland were presented with prizes and awards by the Portland 4-H Clubs, at its annual awards presentation and prize giving ceremony, held at the Old Port Antonio Marina on June 16.
Fifty-nine of the recipients were 4-H clubbites who received prizes for placing first, second and third in competitive events conducted during the recent Portland 4-H Achievement Day exercise.
Among the competitive events for which the clubbites were given prizes are table setting, cake baking, skirt making, poster competition, goat care and management, cattle judging, budding and grafting, public speaking, agro-processing, floral arrangement, rabbit care and management, and project work display.
Some of the awardees were Neville Miller for his services as international patron for the Portland 4-H Clubs, Lola Palmer for long and outstanding leadership in the Movement, Claudette Roberts for long and outstanding service to the Portland 4-H Advisory Council, Valerie Martin for outstanding leadership in the Movement, Angella Smith for outstanding leadership, Frank Lawrence for outstanding contribution to the organization, and Linton Barnes and Lenworth Fulton for outstanding leadership to the organization.
In addition, two organizations – the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) and the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) – were presented with awards for the outstanding contribution they have made to the development of the 4-H Movement in Portland.
Delivering the keynote address at the function, Richard Tate, Air Traffic Control Operator and past 4-H clubbite, paid tribute to the 4-H Movement for the work it was doing in moulding the lives of young people, and encouraged the clubbites to make the best use of the training they were receiving from that body.
He emphasised that every effort must be made to ensure that children are guided along the right path in order to ensure that Jamaica became a better nation, and that the example set by the 4-H organization must be emulated throughout the country.
Mr. Tate encouraged parents to always support their children in their effort to develop their lives to become responsible citizens, stressing that it was critically important for young people to make a special effort to aim for excellence and to achieve their goals.

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