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Permanent parking facilities are being put in place at the Trelawny Multipurpose Stadium to accommodate the traffic expected for ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) activities. “We have decided to locate most of the parking there around the stadium and therefore, the facilities are now being put in place to accommodate the traffic expected for the event,” Executive Director of the Jamaica (LOC), Robert Bryan told JIS News.
The Rock and Daniel Town playfields, Hague showground, Elleston Wakeland Youth Centre and the Old Dump site were previously identified as park and ride sites, but according to Chairman of the Transport Sub-Committee for the Jamaica LOC, Major Desmon Brown, upon examination of the cost to rent and prepare the sites, the decision was made to create parking around the stadium.
“We recognized that money would be better spent on a legacy. so we are going to use it to clear the area south of the place to increase the parking on the site,” he told JIS News.
As for Sabina Park, Mr. Bryan said that the arrangements remain the same, as no parking would be allowed near the venue. The National Heroes Park, National Stadium car park, Up Park Camp, Urban Development Corporation (UDC) west car park and the playfield at Elletson Road Police Station, have been named as the official park sites.
“These sites have been picked to ensure that people coming from the various directions can park at those particular sites . and that the colour-coded buses provided will take people to designated drop off points,” Mr. Bryan explained.
There is a park and walk feature from National Heroes Park, which will allow spectators to walk through a specially developed area in the Allman Town community. “It will allow for the participation of the community in vending and other offerings to provide an experience for those persons attending Sabina Park,” Mr. Bryan indicated.
“We are going to ensure that the area we will be using is ready and it has been very specifically selected to ensure that we are able to provide the kind of environment that will give a good visitors’ experience,” he added.
The area selected within the community is mainly a commercial zone. “I can tell you it is in that circle where the Banana Board is almost a ring road and so people will be able to walk through there and exit on North Street and continue on to the main entrance point to Sabina Park,” Mr. Bryan outlined.
The first match to bowl off at Sabina Park will be the West Indies versus Pakistan on March 13.