JIS News

The Pest Control Authority (PCA) is staging a series of community meetings in Portland to increase public awareness about the safe and proper use of chemicals.
Farming communities are being specially targeted, because of the heavy use of pesticides and other chemicals in crop cultivation by farmers.
Meetings have already been held in Fair Prospect and Hope Bay, with others scheduled to take place in Spring Hill next week and Comfort Castle shortly afterwards.
PCA Registrar, Hyacinth Chin-Sue, told JIS News that the sensitization sessions will be taken throughout the island, but the decision was taken to kick off the campaign in Portland because of the high incidence of chemical poisoning, which occurs in the parish each year and the need to put measures in place to reverse the trend.
She informed that the campaign will next be taken to St. Elizabeth as the PCA works to reduce health risks due to the misuse of pesticides and other chemicals.

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