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The Paul Island community centre in Western Westmoreland has been refurbished under the ‘Lift-Up’ Jamaica programme, at a cost of approximately $3 million.
The facility, which now boasts new sanitary conveniences, office and storage areas, was opened recently by Member of Parliament for the area and Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, Dr. Wykeham McNeill. Bringing greetings at the ceremony, Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, Delford Morgan said that any attempt to build or establish communities, must be done with due consideration for the welfare of young people.
“The centre has been established, not only for the adults but more so for the young. Time and time again many of us fail to recognize that we cannot build communities unless we involve young people . Let us therefore ensure that whatever is to be done here, we must factor into account that this building needs to be preserved for the benefit of the young ones,” Mayor Morgan stressed.
He urged citizens of the Paul Island community to protect and care for the facility and to make the best use of it.
In his address, Dr. McNeill said that the time had come for people to return to their roots in an attempt to rebuild the society.
“I believe that infrastructural developments, such as this community centre, roads and proper water supply systems will enhance the whole efforts of building our community. It is said that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and I believe we must get back to this. We must view all these developments and be proud of them. However, it makes no sense if all these are not translated into opportunities for the young people of the communities around,” Dr. McNeill pointed out.
He stressed that a partnership must now be created between the families, the church, the police, government and non-governmental organizations. He argued that all must come together and decide how they were going to co-operatively live together as one united and loving community.
Dr. McNeill was assisted by the Secretary/Manager of the Westmoreland Parish Council, Patricia Sinclair-Stair to cut the ribbon, officially opening the centre.

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