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Pastor of the Fellowship Tabernacle Church in Mandeville, Manchester, Morton Waugh, has called on parents to be responsible in the upbringing of their children.
Delivering the sermon at the Ministry of Education’s, Region 5 church service, on November 2, to mark the beginning of Parent Month, Mr. Waugh emphasised that young children are not equipped to feed or direct themselves, so parents must be the ones to provide such roles.
“Children cannot be put on auto pilot; parenting should not be subcontracted to others. You who brought them into the world, must care for them, not by sending a cheque, every now and then, or shipping a barrel occasionally from your destination overseas. For children to grow up properly, they need affection and love, so before you certify your ability to bear a child, qualify your ability to raise a child,” he said.
“You must also narrow the options that your child has. There must be some things that they can’t do without your permission. Never let them do as they please, or dictate to you what they will and will not do. You must lead from the front. Training involves telling, but it is not limited to teaching, you have to live the life styles for them to emulate your responsible actions,” Pastor Waugh advised.
He told parents that they are responsible for the child’s behaviour and development in life.
“The school is not responsible to teach your child good manners, it must be communicated, demonstrated and inculcated at home. When you instil your values in them at an age when they are still ignorant, and before they acquire knowledge of their environment, it will be difficult for someone to over-ride it,” he said.
“The moment a child is conceived as a result of your action, your lifestyle must change to accommodate this new person in your life,” Pastor Waugh said.

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