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Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Montego Bay, Reverend Everton Jackson, has emphasized that there is a need for the instilling of proper values and attitudes in the country’s young people.
He said that society could not join those who were “hell-bent” on destroying one of the most critical sources of transmitting proper values and attitudes – the church.
Rev. Jackson was addressing the official launch of the National Foster Care Recognition Week church service, which was held recently at the church in Montego Bay.
Hundreds of officials, workers, foster parents, and children from across the island, led by Chief Executive Officer of the Child Development Agency (CDA), Alison Anderson and Public Defender Howard Hamilton, participated in the service.
Rev. Jackson said that at this time in the country’s history, citizens were experiencing a crisis of values and attitudes which were evidenced in the choices made, the response and attitude to work and worship, the nature of relationships and people’s general deportment.
“I believe that every well-thinking Jamaican should make a commitment to making an invaluable contribution to the inculcation of proper values and attitudes, especially in our children. If we are therefore serious about this, then we must see the need to reconnect to the Divine . we must ‘log on’ to the Almighty and His love, because loving God means caring for others,” he stressed.
Rev. Jackson said there was a need to re-establish positive role models as critical steps toward the instilling of proper values and attitudes in the young people of the country.
He called on parents, care givers and those who work with children to “model the precepts and principles of God before attempting to pass these on to the children in our charge”.

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