Past Students of Maverley Primary to Clean-Up School on Labour Day

Members of the Maverley Primary and Junior High School Past Students’ Association will be engaged in a labour of love at their alma mater on Labour Day, May 23, as they seek to improve the school’s surroundings and restore their community.
President of the association, Andrew Harris, told JIS News that “we want to replace and repaint the picket fence in the garden, restore the entire garden area and renovate the foyer at the front of the school.” Additionally, there will be a general clean-up of the school surroundings and proper garbage receptacles put in place. The association is seeking to engage members of the community in the activities in the true spirit of the national Labour Day theme: ‘Honouring Our Ancestors.Strengthening Communities.’
“Labour Day is one of the most anticipated times of the year for us in Maverley. It is a time when we get to bring both political parties together with a common interest, which is our school,” Mr. Harris informed.
At the end of their effort, he pointed out, “the school usually comes out richer and the community comes out richer as well, because people realise that they can work together to build our country, community by community.”
Mr. Harris noted that while it is easier to get manual labour for the projects, resources such as money and materials are harder to obtain.
He commended the consistent contribution of Jackson’s Hardware, which provides materials to support the Labour Day projects. However, Mr. Harris is encouraging more businesses to support the efforts being made by the association to restore the community.Last year, the association spearheaded the fixing of potholes on the school property.

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