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Seven past students of the Boston Primary and Basic School in Portland have been honoured by the Boston Old Students Association and Benevolent Society (BOSABS), for outstanding community service.
The function, which was held at the Boston Community Centre on Saturday, August 20, is one of several events organized by BOSABS in recent years to promote community development and increase community awareness in Boston.
Those honoured were Dalbert Sharpe, Federick Barrett, Dazel Bryan, Beresford West, Joel Byron, Horrel Patterson and Enid Lawrence, all of whom were presented with citations highlighting the various areas in which they contributed to community development.
Giving the main address, Lauriston Wilson, Director of Project Management and Technical Services in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, congratulated the awardees for the service they have given to the community, and commended BOSABS for the effort it was making to organize and promote the development of Boston.
Mr. Wilson, who is also a past student of the school, said that the community development work being carried out by BOSABS was worthy of emulation by other organizations in the country, and that it was particularly important for the young people of Boston to combine their efforts with those of members of the organization to bring about the empowerment of the people through social and economic advancement.
He emphasised that education was the pillar on which the vast majority of Jamaicans would be able to achieve personal development and economic progress, and appealed to the members of BOSABS to use their influence to encourage the young people of the community to get a good education.
Speaking to JIS News, the awardees said they were appreciative of the recognition by BOSABS and pledged to continue their work for the sustainable development of the community.

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