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By simply collecting and saving her Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus ticket, Denise Biggs has yielded far more than a comfortable ride from the bus company.
The Maxfield Avenue resident has earned this week third place prize of $20,000 in the company’s Big Money Prize Promotion. She is the first winner to be identified in the promotion, which started in April.
“She came in to us and we were happy to verify that she had a legitimate ticket and she’ll be our third place winner for this week,” JUTC’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Gwyneth Davidson, told JIS News.
Miss Biggs, a regular JUTC passenger, said she heard about the promotion from a young lady, while travelling on a bus plying a downtown route. “I always check my tickets since the promotion,” Miss Biggs said, “and I search for it in the Monday Star.”According to Mrs. Davidson, “the team is feeling very good that we are reaching our commuters and that our commuters are in fact, going to be getting benefits from this programme.”
A total of $190,000 is up for grabs each week in the competition, with $50,000 for the holder of the winning ticket, while second and third place ticket holders will receive $30,000 and $20,000, respectively. Commuters who are fourth to twelfth place ticket holders will receive $10,000 each. If there are no winners in a given week, the prize is carried forward to the following week.
The promotion, which continues to the end of June, requires that holders of adult tickets keep their tickets for each weekly draw. Draws are done on Fridays and results are published in the Monday Star and on the JUTC website at www.jutc.com. Speaking to the absence of winners since the promotion began, Mrs. Davidson said, “persons are probably not keeping their tickets safely enough”.Reminding commuters, who use the smart card that their tickets are also eligible in the promotion, Mrs. Davidson advised that, “once you pay for an adult ticket, whether it is with cash or with the smart card, keep your tickets,” as they would be entered in the weekly draw.
“The promotion is a way to get our commuters to understand the value of a bus ticket,” she added. She further explained that the ticket was proof that the passenger rode on a JUTC bus, and was a means of ensuring protection and to gain redress for any mishap that may occur on the bus.
“Passengers should really look forward to getting a correct ticket every single time they travel and keep the ticket until the end of your journey,” she emphasized.
Mrs. Davidson encouraged passengers to continue riding with JUTC and also disclosed that the company had lots of promotions planned for its commuters this year.

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