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The Police have now received partial toxicology results in the Bob Woolmer murder case. Mr. Woolmer, the Pakistani Cricket Coach, was found unconscious in his hotel room at the Jamaica Pegasus on March 18 and was later pronounced dead at the University Hospital of the West Indies. A pathologist report revealed that death was due to asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation.
“They will require further investigation and analysis and it will be totally inappropriate for me to elaborate any further on that,” Deputy of Commissioner for Crime, Mark Shields told journalists at a press conference at the Jamaica Police Officers Club on Hope Road on April 14.
He also noted that the crime scene, which is a room on the 12th floor of the hotel, has remained sealed off to the public in order to retain whatever evidence that might have been overlooked.
In the meantime, he is appealing to persons, who were guests at the hotel at the time of the murder, as well as staff on duty, who have not been interviewed by the police, to come forward.
So far, he said there had been many calls to the 1 876-927-5000 hotline but even more interestingly, there had been a lot of e-mails as well. “These are from people within the cricket fraternity, some people who knew Bob Woolmer, people who were in the hotel and I would encourage everyone to keep calling in,” he said.
Persons can call Crime Stop, KINGFISH and Mr. Shields at 1876 882 5190.
Commenting on the rampant speculation by the media about how Coach Woolmer died, the Deputy Commissioner said many of the reports had been extremely unhelpful to the investigation. He also said that it did not help early in the investigations, when individuals were named in the media as suspects in the case.
“I think that it caused a great deal of distress to those individuals and it is a shame that it happened, because what we have tried to do throughout is to locate, trace and interview everybody that came in contact with Bob Woolmer and was at the hotel around the time of the death, and those statements were very unhelpful,” he said.