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Parents and teachers in Trelawny are encouraged to come out and participate in the Western early childhood exposition, to he held at the Hague Showground in Falmouth on Thursday, May 26.The event, which is being held as part of Child Month activities, is designed to provide parents with the necessary information to prepare their children for school.
According to Audrey Barrett, coordinator of the Securing Advancement for the Young (SAY) programme, which is organizing the event, lack of knowledge on the part of parents, has resulted in many children being unprepared for early childhood education.
“In our society, we find that many children are going out to school at the age of three simply because they have attained age three. There is not much knowledge on the part of most of our parents as to why the child really needs to engage in early childhood education and what the child ought to achieve at the end,” she pointed out.
Among the agencies that will be present are the Registrar General’s Department, which will register the births of children as well as provide documents for those without the proper registration papers and the Ministry of Health, which will update immunization cards and carry out health checks.
The HEART Trust/NTA as well as various financial institutions will also be on hand to provide information and assistance to the parents.
Mrs. Barrett is encouraging full support for the event. “The day promises to be enjoyable with lots of prizes and surprises for the children and the parents, and teachers will also be benefiting as effective learning is expected to take place,” she stated.

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