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Twelve parents from across the island were honoured for their outstanding contributions to the country’s educational sector at the National Parent Award ceremony held at the Medallion Hall Hotel in Kingston on May 13.
The award ceremony was the joint effort of the Guidance and Counselling Unit of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
State Minister for Education, Dr. Donald Rhodd, who was the guest speaker at the function, lauded the awardees for their sterling contribution to the education sector. He said they served as positive role models for their children.
“We as parents must be mindful of the fact that children live what they learn, and learn what they live. We must therefore live our lives as practical examples that our children will tend to follow our path,” he said.
He argued that in paving a positive path for children to follow, “it is important that we steadfastly fight the scourge of violence against our children.we as parents must start the process of change to protect our future.”
Dr. Rhodd emphasised further, that instilling positive values and attitudes, was a critical component in child rearing, noting that inculcating these standards would break the cycle of criminality and enable the development of a society that observed law and order.
In his address, UNCIEF’s Representative, Bertrand Bainvell, also commended the awardees, expressing the hope that the achievement would serve to inspire others to become better parents.
He encouraged the parents to take part in the UNICEF-sponsored Act Change Programme, which will be launched later this month, and is aimed at improving parenting skills locally.
Mr. Bainvell noted that the programme would help families, communities, and the country to tackle the problem of violence. Acting Assistant Chief Education Officer, Monica Holness explained that the awardees were selected based on their contribution to the academic development of their child/children; assisting other parents in their parenting role; assisting in the academic development of non biological child/children; and personal contribution to their own family’s stability. Two parents were selected from each of the six educational regions.
The awardees were: Dionne Dalmage and Michael Brown from the Education Ministry’s region one; Jeffrey Williams and Marva Bryan-Patterson from region two; Norman Wiggan and Verona Standley from region three; Dodrick Myrie and Angella Yorke from region four; Desmond Wilson and Elonie Taylor and from region five; and Denroy Beckford and Una Tugman from region six.

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