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The standard of health care offered in Jamaica compares favourably with that of developed countries, such as the United States and Canada, according to the 2004 Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Report.
Minister of Health, John Junor made this disclosure during his contribution to the 2005/06 Sectoral Debate at Gordon House yesterday (May 11).
He also pointed out that the basic indicators showed that Jamaica’s life expectancy was now 76 years.
The PAHO Report, said Minister Junor, indicated that whereas the life expectancy in Jamaica was 76.1 years, in the United States, it was 77.4 years; Canada, 77.5 years, and Trinidad and Tobago, 71.1 years.
Mr. Junor informed the House that the report also highlighted Jamaica’s efficiency in delivering service based on expenditure. “So in terms of positive health indicators, Jamaica is right up there among the best,” he said.
He said the health profile of Jamaica was assessed positively, and there was a strong emphasis on public health, through a network of health centres in the country. The report cited Jamaica as having “secondary and tertiary care hospitals that add to the facilities that enhance access to the health care system, which is further strengthened by the partnerships, which exist at the corporate, non-governmental organisation and community levels”.
Also given a positive rating by PAHO was Jamaica’s health team, which was assessed as comprising of groups of professionals in their field, “who are well qualified, experienced, and adaptable”.

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