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Manager of Corporate and Public Affairs at the National Housing Trust (NHT), Dwayne Berbick, says over 10,000 Jamaicans living and working abroad, make voluntarily contributions to the NHT.

“With the current migration pattern, more persons are going abroad for work, but they are in fact interested in coming back home to Jamaica, so a number of them are making their NHT contribution,” Mr. Berbick told JIS News.

“With our warm climate and cuisine, persons want to come back home to Jamaica so they sign up and make their regular contribution and access their benefits,” he added.

Contributors may or may not be Jamaican citizens, but must be above the age of 18, below the age of retirement and earning at least the Jamaican minimum wage.

To be classified as an overseas voluntary contributor, a person must be a permanent resident or a citizen of another country and register with the NHT by completing the ‘Voluntary Contributor’s Application Form’ found on the NHT’s website.

Holders of work permit are not considered overseas voluntary contributors and should file their returns (SO4 & SO4A) at Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) as their domicile address is in Jamaica.

Local Pensioners who desire to contribute to the NHT can also register as voluntary contributors.

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