JIS News

Persons in Eastern Westmoreland who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the community, will be recognized and awarded by the Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa, when it launches its ‘Community role-model and outstanding citizens scheme’, later this week.
This first community leaders awards initiative by the hotel forms part of efforts to single out unsung heroes of Whitehouse and adjoining communities, whose contributions were not always recognized and awarded. According to Assistant Public Relations Manager of the Sandals Whitehouse Hotel, Keith Wedderburn, the launching of the programme would be another historic moment for the hotel and a step in the right direction, as “we must take time-out to show due regards and appreciation to those among us who have served us well”.
“The community leaders programme seeks to identify and honour community-minded persons who have, over the years, distinguished themselves through outstanding contributions in the form of special services or projects on behalf of the community. These selected individuals will be presented with gift packages and plaques and pampered for a while, as we strongly demonstrate to them our heart-felt admiration and appreciation for services well rendered,”Mr. Wedderburn told JIS News.
“By honouring these unsung heroes publicly, we intend to use them as community role-models and community icons who our youths can admire and pattern, and as they face the future, they can aspire to become like them. We want our young people to have positive role-models and to join in efforts aimed at making our communities safe, harmonious and productive places to live,” he added.