JIS News

As part of the activities to mark Safer Sex Week (February 11-17), the Manchester Health Department, Jamaica Red Cross , and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) have scheduled a number of community outreach meetings in Manchester.
Public Relations Officer for the Red Cross, Michaela Cameron told JIS News that a decision has been taken to visit rural townships in both the north east as well as north west section of Manchester to conduct the meetings.
“The targeted areas include Mile Gully on February 15, and Devon and Coleyville on February 16. All our meetings will begin at 10:00 a.m., so we are encouraging persons to listen to the announcements, which will be done prior to the start of the meetings,” she said.
Miss Cameron outlined the format to be used at the public education meetings.
“We will be setting up our booth with information on safe sex practices and along with this we will be taking the opportunity to introduce the Red Cross ‘Faces Campaign’ to community members,” she said.
Miss Cameron explained that the ‘faces campaign’ was a poster designed with a face and names written across each face.
“The slogan is – ‘nobody has the truth written on their face, protect yourself, use a condom’. By this we mean HIV has no physical sign to warn anyone and an individual can have HIV for years before knowing his or her status,” she said.
Miss Cameron underscored the importance of each sexually active Jamaican doing regular HIV testing.”Be faithful to your partner, use a condom everytime for every sex act or don’t bother to have sex at all,” she advised.
At each public meeting there will be pamphlets on safer sex practices, condom demonstrations, informal sex talks and HIV testing.