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The delivery of health care at the Port Antonio Hospital is expected to improve considerably with the construction of a new pharmacy and the refurbishing of the out-patient department.
Both facilities were officially declared open at a function held at the hospital on Thursday, October 6. The work which was funded by the National Health Fund (NHF) at a cost of $6.6M began in November of last year and was completed in July.
The hospital will now be able to raise the level of service it offers to enable its clients to receive quality care in an environment that is conducive to good health and wellness.
Formerly both the pharmacy and the out-patient department were housed in the same building which was badly in need of repairs.
The new pharmacy has the convenience of a private window to facilitate clients who may wish to consult with the pharmacist on related health issues, and a cashier whose service prevents clients from having to go to the main hospital building to transact business.
The outpatient department is now equipped with a triage station, an injection room and dressing rooms, in addition to four doctor’s offices where outpatient clinics are held.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Health Minister John Junor thanked the NHF for funding the work on the two departments, and paid tribute to the staff of the hospital for performing satisfactorily despite the trying conditions and challenges which existed at the old pharmacy and out-patient department.
Observing that pharmacy services are integral to the delivery of quality health care Mr. Junor said the new facility would enable the hospital to ensure that the people of Portland and its environs benefit from the significant savings available under the NHF for at least 14 illnesses referred to as chronic diseases.
Mr. Junor also noted that the NHF system had been in place at the Port Antonio Hospital pharmacy since 2003 to ensure that all patients who had one or more of the conditions covered under the Fund had access to its individual benefits programme.
Declaring that he was confident that the pharmacy would provide the services worthy of the people of Portland, Mr. Junor said he was equally sure that they were appreciative of the facility, and would help to keep it in pristine condition.

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