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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding continues to be impressed and awed by the performance of Jamaica’s sportswomen at the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) World Championships currently underway in Berlin, Germany. Following on the victory of Gold medal winner, Brigitte Foster-Hylton and the bronze won by Delloreen Ennis-London, the Prime Minister has called on the nation to exalt all Jamaican women.
“Brigitte Foster-Hylton has been a track stalwart for many years and it is a wonderful achievement for her to win a gold medal, which she richly deserves. The determination of Brigitte allowed her to realise her dreams when she claimed the 100-metre hurdles today. Coming after daunting physical setbacks that came too early in a very promising career, this is indeed her crowning glory. Her teammate and competitor at the starting block, Delloreen Ennis-London, finished with a bronze only a fraction of a second behind and her sportsmanship was on display for the world to appreciate when she congratulated Brigitte on her victory,” the Prime Minister said.
“Yesterday, we had the honour of seeing Shericka Williams run a scintillating quarter mile to claim silver behind Jamaican-born Sanya Richards, who herself has overcome setbacks in an otherwise brilliant career. We cannot forget that Novlene Williams-Mills also represented Jamaica in that race, placing fourth,” he added.
“At this time when so many of our women perform remarkably, we must remember that every single one of our young women needs our guidance and protection. I thank our female athletes for giving, not only excellent track performances, but delivering it with the grace and dignity that we want to see raised up in all our women,” the Prime Minister said.
“Women are the backbone of every single institution in our nation, so today, I call on every parent and caregiver to spend even a few minutes to give encouragement to a Jamaican girl. Let her know that you care about her and then say something to inspire her to greatness. Through her, the nation will be exalted,” he said.

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