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Companies in rural Jamaica which are still not compliant with the Companies Act, will be given a convenient opportunity to become compliant, as the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC) has been dispatching mini mobiles to a number of rural towns across the island.
Compliance Manager at the ORC, Christine Morris-Gillespie told JIS News that the office has begun to dispatch mini mobiles to the parishes ofSt. James, St. Ann, Westmoreland, Manchester and Clarendon, and would continue up to January 21, to facilitate those companies which were seeking to take advantage of the amnesty extension, which would end on January 28.
Mrs. Morris-Gillespie disclosed that teams would be in these parishes to receive documents being filed by companies, which were not up-to-date.
The venues and times for the mini-mobiles are: Negril – Mariner’s Inn, January 18 and 19; Mandeville – Inland Revenue Department, January 20; May Pen – Inland Revenue Department, January 21.
The Compliance Manager is reminding the public that the normal requirement for all companies wishing to be removed from the Register of Companies, has been waived. The requirement which has been waived, is that of mandatory filing of documents, up to the date for the request of the removal. These companies need only file for the years during which they traded, if at all, and this filing is at a rate of $1,000 per return.
Also the request for removal should be signed by a Director or Officer of the company, and must be submitted together with an auditor’s certificate, stating that the company has no assets and liabilities. A removal fee of $1,500 and a fee for the requisite advertising in a daily newspaper of $1,500 will apply.
The ORC is making a special appeal to non-profit organizations, such as professional bodies, churches and service clubs, which have received preferential treatment under this amnesty, to take advantage of the extension. Their filing fees have been cut by a minimum of 66 2/3 per cent.

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