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A ‘One Stop Shop’ is to be established at the Kingston Wharves by November this year to facilitate the efficient processing and inspection of agricultural produce.
The agencies that will work from this ‘one stop shop’ include the Public Health Department, Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Division, Pesticides Control Authority, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands and the Bureau of Standards.
Speaking with JIS News, Registrar of the Pesticides Control Authority (PCA), Hyacinth Chin-Sue said that the move would co-ordinate the inspection times of containers of produce by the relevant agencies. “We want all inspectors from the different agencies to go into the container at the same time to save time,” she pointed out.
“If you are an importer carrying in a container of goods, you do not want some of the inspectors to check your container, then have to wait around for the other inspectors to come three hours later or a day later,” she added.
Commenting on how the system would work, Mrs. Chin-Sue said that once the office received notification of shipment of the produce, persons from relevant agencies would decide on a time to carry out an inspection.
“Everybody will meet at 9:00 in the day, for example, and all go in to inspect the labels, chemical residue, the freshness among other checks on produce, and then declare whether the shipment is released or not,” she explained.
This week is being observed as Pesticides Awareness Week under the theme: ‘Pesticide Registration: Facilitating Trade, Protecting Health and the Environment’.

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