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Forty-one year-old Devon Morris of Race Course, Clarendon was killed and seven others injured after the vehicles in which they were passengers crashed on the Spur Tree main road in Manchester last night.
The ages of the injured seven – all men – range between 19 and 55.
Information received is that about 8:00 p.m., a GMC motor truck with six passengers aboard, was heading towards St. Elizabeth. On reaching the Spur Tree main road the driver lost control of the vehicle which overturned and crashed into a Mercedes Benz motor car which was traveling in the same direction. The impact caused the Benz to overturn also. Morris, the driver of the Benz and the other six passengers of the truck were all injured. They were taken to the Mandeville Hospital where Morris died; another was treated and released while the other six were admitted in stable condition.
The Mandeville Police are investigating

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