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Olympian, Aileen Bailey, has implored students to be persistent and determined in their quest to turn their dreams into reality, and to pursue excellence at all times.
“Hard work, hard work, hard work! Everything you dream can be a reality. We all had a dream, and we stuck with it. Today, we are Olympians and University graduates. We are simply the best, and I want us to continue to be the best,” she urged.
Miss Bailey was addressing students at Vere Technical High School, her alma mater, yesterday (October 6). She was among five Olympians and past students who visited the school, after performing outstandingly at the recent Olympic Games in Beijing, China.
The other athletes were: gold medal winner, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Shereefa Lloyd, Mardrea Hyman, and Michael Blackwood.
Miss Bailey recounted Vere’s record of success in its various areas of endeavour, and appealed to the students to ensure that only positive associations are made with the school’s name, so as never to bring it into disrepute.
“Great things come from this institution. I’m looking forward to hearing good things about Vere Technical. No negatives,” she pleaded to the students.
In her address, Miss Hyman also made a similar appeal, pointing out that she became a Vere Technical student because of her strong desire to be among champions.
She emphasised the importance of the students being strong enough to cross over the barriers and obstacles scattered along life’s journey, even as she encouraged them “not to be afraid to dream.dream big, set your goals, you can achieve.”
Meanwhile, Miss Lloyd urged the students to hold fast to the values of yesteryear, remaining “strong and respectful to peers, parents, and students.”
Vere Technical track student, David Bailey, who is the brother of Veronica Campbell-Brown, told JIS News, that he has been motivated by her success over the years, and particularly at the Olympic Games, and would remain even more focussed on his own dreams of becoming a sports star.
Fellow student, Bishane Ellington, who specialises in the 400 and 800- metre events, believes the Olympians have opened doors to successive generations of Vere Technical students.
“We are very grateful to God for this. It shows us that the sky is the limit. Knowing that we are training on the same track that they trained on, is a great motivator. Personally, I have my eyes set on 2012, the London Olympics,” he said.
The visit, dubbed ‘Pass the Torch’, forms part of the Olympic Homecoming Celebrations, which will end on October 10.