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Police men and women of the Old Harbour station in St. Catherine are now operating in more comfortable surroundings, as the facility has been upgraded by West Indies Alumina Company (WINDALCo).
At the recent handing over ceremony, Senior Community Relations Officer at WINDALCo, Carlton Britton, told JIS News that in 2005, while his company was effecting repairs to the town clock, they were made aware of some of the difficulties facing the personnel who operated from the station.
“An urgent request was made for help, in particular about the state of the women’s quarters and we did a tour of the station so as to assess the situation. The conditions were really unsuitable, to say the least, so we assigned project technician, Cedric Parkinson, to do an estimate of the repair, which we later found out to be in excess of $300,000,” he said.
Mr. Britton pointed out that the upgrading work commenced in November of 2005 and was completed in February 2006.
“During this period, the following tasks were done – enlargement of the female quarters, installation of new lockers and doors, installation of a partition between male and female quarters, tiling, electrical rewiring, repainting as well as the cleaning-up of debris and clearing of storm drains,” he told JIS News.
Mr. Britton said it was the hope of WINDALCo that the upgrading would boost the morale of the officers.
“We recognise that the police have a difficult job to do, and anything that we can do to make the job a little bit easier, we commit ourselves to doing, as this is part of our commitment as a corporate body,” he said.
Project Manager in the Ministry of National Security, Whilston Taylor, told JIS News that this initiative would augur well for the future of the station.
“We encourage this sort of partnership between the private and public sectors, as this is one sure way of putting in place a culture that will redound to the betterment of society and by extension the citizens .I salute WINDALCo on a job well done,” he said.

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