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The office of the Public Defender disposed of 758 of 1,018 new complaints received in 2003, against some 56 state agencies and authorities. The information is contained in the agency’s 2003 report, which was laid in the House of Representatives yesterday (Oct. 4). The report shows that some 374 old complaints were also settled during the year.
According to the report, of the 108 complaints received against the Supreme Court some 102 were closed. Of the five received against the Accountant General Department all five were disposed of, while the 12 grievance reports filed against the Resident Magistrate’s Courts were also closed.
Of the 44 complaints brought against the Correctional Department some 16 were resolved with 27 of the 52 received against the Jamaica Constabulary Force being addressed.
The data also shows that of the 66 reports against the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, some 45 were closed, while 64 of the 78 complaints brought against the Transport and Works Ministry/ National Works Agency, were resolved.
Also in the year, 19 of the 34 complaints leveled against the Registrar General’s Department were closed, while there were 170 complaints against non authorities of which 121 was disposed of, and the total 261 complaints against walk-in/non authorities being closed as well.
According to the report, a total of 260 cases are still pending.

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