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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is reporting that the Main road to the Community of Pedro River in St Ann is currently inundated. Motorists are being asked to avoid this area. The Pedro River Flood Alert Team has been monitoring the flood gauges and has reported that the flood level has risen an additional 2 feet. Some flood gauges are now covered and water levels in some places are as much as 20 feet. The Concorde Catholic Church Shelter has been activated to accommodate residents who are affected by the rising water levels in that area.
In the community of Cave Valley, St Ann the water level is receding, while in Moneague, the water is still rising and the depth varies from 4 feet. to 20feet. At least six families and one business have been evacuated from the area. The ODPEM has dispatched two boats to be used for rescue should this become necessary.
The Barry Road is now open to large vehicles only while the Flat Bridge remains impassable.
There are five shelters, which are currently housing approximately 220 persons. In St Catherine there are fifty-five persons sheltering at the Gwen Neal Basic School and the Bushey Park Seventh Day Adventist Church. Fifteen persons are at the Edith Dalton James High School in Kingston and in Clarendon, approximately one hundred and twenty two persons are sheltering in three shelters.
The Parish Disaster Committee for St Elizabeth is reporting that the roads between Calabash Bay and Treasure Beach, the Pedro Police Station to Treasure Beach and from Treasure Beach to Great Bay is cut in two. There is no access to Treasure Beach at this time. The National Works Agency is working to restore access. In the Great Bay Area, twenty-five houses are under water and persons are sheltering with relatives and friends. In addition, several houses are under water in the communities of Calabash Bay and Billy’s Bay.

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