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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has been advised by the Meteorological Service that the country will continue to experience outbreaks of showers as a result of a surface to upper level trough across the central Caribbean that is currently affecting the island.
The ODPEM received the following reports:
“X Flooding reported in the Race Track area.
“X One stonewall collapsed, blocking the main roadway. The Parish Disaster Coordinator (PDC) informed the National Works Agency (NWA), who is now responding.
St. Andrew
“X A fallen tree blocked the Golden Spring to Mount Airy main road this morning. The NWA effected clearance this morning.”X A landslide occurred along the Papine to Redlight Main road, in the vicinity of Griffin Gully. The NWA is effecting clearance. “X The water is rising at the fording across the Yallahs River at Mahongany Vale. The River is currently in spate.”X The roadway between Mount Charles and Mahogany Vale was reported blocked by a boulder. Only small cars can access this route. It is inaccessible to pedestrians as the roadway is also inundated. The NWA has been contacted.
St. Catherine
“X The roadway in the vicinity of Big Pond is flooded. However, large vehicles can access the route at this time. If the heavy rains persist this route will be inaccessible.
All Parish Disaster Committees have been alerted and are monitoring the situation in each parish.
The public is advised to:
1.Stay tuned to the news and weather reports and listen out for emergency instructions, if any should be given.
2.Exercise caution when using bridges, fording and passes that are near to rivers and streams that are already in spate.
3.Do not drive through water-filled gullies.
4.Avoid areas that are at risk from flooding and landslides.
5.Motorists are asked to be especially cautious when driving through the Bog Walk Gorge.
The ODPEM is closely monitoring the situation and will provide the country with further updates as the situation demands.
Contact: Kerry-Ann Morris, kmorris@odpem.org.jm

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