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The Meteorological Service has forecast continued rainfall over the next three days. This means that because of the current saturation of the soil, even small amounts of rainfall could cause flooding and conditions in many areas might deteriorate further.
The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is advising residents who live in areas, which were flooded or are currently inundated to evacuate now to safer areas or the closest public shelter. This also applies to those residents who are marooned because of inundation of roads leading into their community. If you live near an area that continually floods, or is near a river, stream or gully that is likely to overflow its banks, or in flat areas that may be affected by flood waters. Immediately plan to leave.
Persons are being reminded to take the following emergency supplies to shelters:
. Dry food and drinking water . Blankets. Flashlight. Clothing. Sanitary items including toilet tissue. Infant necessities. First Aid Kits. Battery operated radio and medication
Persons who have farm animals are being reminded to make every effort to move the animals to higher ground and release them into the open. Farmers are also encouraged to check on their animals early and move them to a safe location away from riverbanks, and areas likely to have landslides. Pets are not allowed in shelters, families should make arrangements for them to stay in a safe place with food and water beforehand. If they have to be left behind at home, they should not be confined or tied.
All Parish Emergency Operation Centers (PEOC) will be on the alert and can be reached at the following numbers:
. St James – 952-5500. Westmoreland – 955-2655. St Elizabeth – 634-0768. Manchester – 962- 2279. Clarendon – 986- 2216. St Catherine – 984-3111. Kingston and St Andrew – 967- 3329. St Thomas – 982- 9449. Portland – 993-2665. St Mary – 994- 2178. St Ann – 972- 2655. Trelawny – 954-3328. Hanover – 956-2305. Portmore – 740-7440-2
The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) at the ODPEM is also on the alert and can be reached at 928-5111-4.

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