JIS News

The St. Ann branch of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), has been co-ordinating relief efforts for over 300 persons in Cave Valley, St. Ann, who lost their homes, as a result of flooding caused by Hurricane Ivan.
Parish Co-ordinator, Alvin Clarke told JIS News that the community has been totally submerged due to flooding.
He noted that over 100 shelters had been established to accommodate persons in the parish.Mr. Clarke informed that other areas hit hard by the hurricane were McNie, Concord, Douglas Castle, Borobridge and Coffee Ridge, and that about 500 persons were in shelters.
Reporting on the coastline, the Co-ordinator said the area was not badly hit by the hurricane, “so things are almost back to normal; water has been returned to St. Ann’s Bay, the capital, and most of the people who were sheltering in schools are returning home”.
He said the shelters in Brown’s Town and surrounding communities have already been closed, as persons were going back to their homes.

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