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October 6 is the deadline to register children, who will be sitting the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) next year. Assistant Chief Education Officer in the Student Assessment Unit of the Ministry of Education and Youth, Sephlin Myers-Thomas, has advised that parents and guardians, who have not yet completed the GSAT registration form for their children, to do so as soon as possible, as all schools were required to submit the forms to their regional offices no later than the deadline.
“The GSAT registration deadline is October 6 and that means that the schools would have the children (and parents) select the options for placement and put all their biographical data on the registration cards.the parents would have to sign them and the cards taken to the regional offices (by the schools) on or before October 6,” she told JIS News.
She noted that it was important for parents and schools to meet this deadline, as the Ministry, through its Student Assessment Unit would be embarking on its GSAT verification exercise throughout the various regions from October 9 to 27.
With regards to registration, Mrs. Myers-Thomas noted that parents were required to select the five secondary schools, which they would wish their children to attend. She said that they should also submit original copies of their children’s birth certificates.
“I would like to encourage all parents and guardians to ensure that the birth certificates are available.to be presented for registration and it is important as it helps to validate the date of birth, the eligibility of the child, the correct spelling of the child’s name and the gender of the child,” she asserted.
She pointed out that the Ministry would make allowance for those children, who did not have the birth certificate for registration, but said that parents must secure the document, as the children would require it for entry into secondary schools.
“The child gets the opportunity to sit the examination in March, but at the end of the day, the child needs that birth certificate for registration into secondary school,” she stressed.
The GSAT will be done on March 29 and 30 in 2007.

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