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The National Water Commission is reporting that it has two confirmed cases of COVID – 19: a water truck driver in Montego Bay in St. James and the other has been traced exclusively to the Transport Department in our Operations Division at Marescaux Road in St. Andrew.

In keeping with the protocol published by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, measures have been taken to mitigate the spread of infection. All operations at our Transport Department have been suspended. The office is closed and deep cleaning and sanitization activities have commenced.

The Commission is highlighting that the Transport Department is separated from the Commercial offices at the Marescaux Road location; as such, our commercial offices remain safe and will continue to serve our valued customers. However, customers are encouraged to use our online portal as an alternative.

We must reiterate that we have implemented COVID-19 mitigation measures at all our commercial offices in keeping with the guidelines that have been established by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. These measures include routine deep cleaning of the office spaces and areas where we serve the public; the establishment of hand sanitizing stations are at various locations and the outfitting of our offices with social distance markers. There is also the mandatory requirement for the wearing of masks and temperature checks for customers and staff.

Persons are continuously reminded to comply with the COVID-19 measures that have been implemented so that they and their families can remain safe.

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