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The National Works Agency (NWA) has undertaken a nationwide patching programme at a cost of $300 million, being funded by the Government.
“We have put together a programme of patching that is being executed in all 14 parishes. It involves the patching of 250,000 square metres of roadway and will be done over the next five to eight weeks,” Stephen Shaw, Communication Manager at the NWA told JIS News. Mr. Shaw said the NWA would be focusing on some important main and tertiary roads. “In addition to this, we will also be doing some parochial roadways. but these will be done with the full understanding (of) and through consultations with the local authorities,” he added. Special attention would be given to those roads that have developed potholes as a result of the recent heavy rainfall, he noted.
Currently, the programme is underway in Kingston and St. Andrew. “Kingston and St. Andrew are actually benefiting from our in-house crews. We are doing much of the work in the Corporate Area using our own equipment and staff,” Mr. Shaw explained.
He pointed out that the programme would progress to the other parishes following discussions with the Superintendent of Works, the Secretary/Managers and other officers in the various Parish Councils. This is to ensure that all the legal requirements are in place before the work begins.
“In the (other) parishes, we are going to be working with contractors. that is why it takes some time for us to advertise, look at the tenders, make an assessment and make an award,” said Mr. Shaw. He added that, “in some of these parishes, work will get underway by next week, having gone through the processes.”
Mr. Shaw said it was significant to note that this patching programme “is being done with a view to allowing persons to traverse the island in a more comfortable way.”
He told JIS News that the programme should not be confused with what “we are now doing as part of the National Road Services Improvement Programme, which we are implementing on a phased basis in five parishes.”

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