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The National Works Agency (NWA) will be repairing 295 kilometres of roadway in Portland, as part of a pilot road rehabilitation project to be implemented under its National Road Services Improvement Programme.
In addition to Portland, the project will be taken to four other parishes: St. Thomas, St. Catherine, Manchester and Westmoreland, and will cover 1,800 kilometres of roadway at a cost of $1.2 billion.
Funding is being provided by the Government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
Collin Morrison, Community Relations Officer for the North Eastern Region of the NWA, said the work is scheduled to commence in three weeks in Portland. He noted that the programme was in keeping with government’s commitment to bring the country’s road network up to the highest standard possible.
Mr. Morrison said the work to be carried out in Portland would be implemented in two contracts covering a three-year period, and would involve the cleaning of drains, the control of vegetation along the roadways, replacing damaged traffic signs, the repairing of potholes and the resurfacing of roadways.
He added that the work would also include the removal of garbage, landslips and other debris creating traffic hazard during the life of the contract.

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