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An additional 25,000 square metres of road has been identified by the National Works Agency (NWA) for repair throughout the island. Approximately $9 million has been allotted for these works, which will complement the Agency’s regular spray patching programme.
Speaking with JIS News, Petra-kene Williams, Acting Communication and Customer Services Manager at the NWA, said that the NWA implemented a patching programme every year. However, due to the recent weather conditions, there has been an increase in the amount of pothole-riddled roads and so, the NWA has decided to introduce a new programme to deal with them.
“We have realized that new holes have been appearing [on the roads] and repairs have to be done before the situation worsens,” stated Ms. Williams. Work is slated to last four weeks given fair weather conditions.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport and Works is working to ensure that the island’s roadways are in good condition during the hurricane season.
Ms. Williams told JIS News, that eight spray patchers and emulsion from 24 containers were being used to repair the identified roadways. Pavement Constructors, Surrey Pavings, and General Paving Company are carrying out the works, in collaboration with the NWA’s internal force crew.
Of the identified roadways, 10,000 metres will be patched in Kingston and St. Andrew, 5,000 metres in St. Catherine, and another 10,000 metres in the other parishes.
Similar to this aforementioned initiative, the spray-patching programme undertaken by the NWA has repaired roadways in the parishes of St. James, St. Ann and St. Mary.
All these works are being made possible through allocation from the Road Maintenance Fund.

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