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The National Works Agency (NWA) has terminated the services of the contractor building the new Serge Island Bridge in St. Thomas.
“We have had some delays with the contractor and he has been placed on notice of termination. We expect that over the next two weeks we will have an alternative contractor in place,” revealed Chief Executive Officer of the NWA, Ivan Anderson, at a recent press conference.
The termination of the contract follows concerns expressed by the Works Agency over the slow pace of the work on the construction of the approaches to the bridge, which was severely damaged during recent heavy rains.
In the interim, the bypass road around the bridge has been re-established to facilitate easy movement of residents of the community into and out of the area. Mr. Anderson conceded however, that there were concerns with the use of this route, and as such, his agency would endeavour to ensure that the new bridge was completed in the shortest possible time.
“Unfortunately the bypass is subject to flooding every time we have heavy rainfall…it gets washed out and we have to reinstate it, that’s why we need the new bridge,” he stated.
With reference to the roads in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, which were damaged in May due to heavy rains, the CEO informed that the rehabilitation work had been completed and the roads had been reopened to traffic.

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