JIS News

The National Works Agency (NWA) is spending more than $290 million to repair and rehabilitate roads in western Jamaica, with most of the projects expected to be completed in another four to six weeks.
Communications Manager at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, told JIS News that this did not include the work being carried out on the section of the North Coast Highway between Greenside in Trelawny and Montego Bay, which is being done at a cost of approximately US$50 million.
Outlining the several road projects being carried out in the parishes of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland, Mr. Shaw pointed out that the value of the work being done in Trelawny was $64.5 million; in St. James, $37 million; for Hanover, $30 million; and in Westmoreland, $163 million.
“Most of these roadways should be completed in another four to six weeks. The works would have started, in some cases, in January and in other cases, in December, and we are now coming to the time when they are going to be completed. We are now at a stage when paving will commence or is on the way,” he stated.
Some of the roadways identified by Mr. Shaw in Trelawny are Clarks Town to Sherwood Content main road, Litchfield to Joe Hut and Duanvale to Gravel Hill farm roads, Ulster Spring to Freeman Hall through to Stettin main road, among others. In St. James, the roads identified include Maroon Town to Springvale, Maroon Town to Flamstead, Bogue Hill, Somerton, Red Dirt to Garlands, Bottom Roper, Seven Rivers and Montego Valley.
“In Hanover, where we are spending over $30 million, we have the Pell River and Hazelymph farm roads, Black Gate to Great River Parish Council road, the roadway from Sandy Bay to Montpelier,” he added.
Mr. Shaw said that in Westmoreland, the roads being worked on include Grange Hill to Little London, Orange Hill roadway, Canaan, Shafton and Leamington farm roads.
He pointed out that a part of the work is being carried out through contractual arrangements, while others are being done by in-house teams.