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Customer Relations Officer at the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), Staceyann Anderson, has been promoting the importance of storing garbage which is awaiting pick-up by the Authority’s disposal trucks.
She says that the garbage must be properly bagged, and suggested the use of ‘scandal’ bags to do so, if necessary.
Mrs. Anderson urged that certain items should not be placed in garbage containers, as they encourage dogs and other animals to destroy the bags.
“If you placed meat and high smelling things in bags, the dogs are going to tear them up, so refrain from placing such items in your garbage,” the NSWMA official added.
She was speaking at a public health symposium hosted by the Cross Keys Health Committee at the Resource Square in Manchester, on Thursday (May 6).
She cautioned that sanitation workers can harm themselves, even though they wear protective gloves, as sharp instruments can threaten their health.
“Be mindful of our workers, if you have needles and sharp instruments, put them in a bag, and label that bag. That way you would protect our sanitation workers,” Mrs. Anderson stated.
As part of an effort to promote proper management of solid waste, the Cross Keys Health Committee has embarked on a series of events, one of which is a poster competition targeting early childhood institutions in the area, and the sole high school in the community, Cross Keys.
A prize-giving ceremony will be held on May 21, at the St. Joseph’s Catholic auditorium, followed by a fundraising gospel concert at the Resource Community Centre. The campaign will end on May 24, with a clean-up day in the community, Health Inspector, Terone Nish, said in an Interview with JIS News.
On May 16, the group will have the official launch of the events with a church service at the New Broughton United Church of God in Cross Keys. The events are being held under the theme: ‘Clean Community is a Healthy Community.’