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Alex Wheatle, a British author of Jamaican heritage, has said that his new novel ‘Island Songs’ is a tribute to Jamaica, his parents and the Jamaicans, who came to the United Kingdom during the Windrush era.
” It’s a tribute to my parents’ generation; the generation that left Jamaica to come to England to set up a new life. It’s a tribute to their innovation and their strength”, he told JIS News in a recent interview.
Wheatle, who came to international prominence with his debut novel ‘Brixton Rock’, said he also wanted to write something “strong and positive” about Jamaica. “I wanted to write something strong about the Jamaican people. Sometimes, Jamaica gets a bit of negative press but Jamaicans are very good, God-fearing people and I wanted to bring that across”, he added.
‘Island Songs’ tells the story of two sisters, Jenny and Hortense Rodney, who are descendents of the Maroons. It details their lives growing up in rural Claremont and then moving to Kingston, where they worked amid the hustle and bustle, lawn parties and ‘houses of joy’ in Trench Town, before moving to England with their husbands, where they settled down to motherhood amongst the jazz caf

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