JIS News

The North West Clarendon Football Competition, will be launched on Sunday, August 24, by Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Michael Stern, at the Edwin Allen High School.
In order to qualify for the competition, teams must first be registered with the Social Development Commission (SDC), and the Clarendon Football Association.
All matches will be played in accordance with the rules of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and other international bodies governing the sport. The winning team will be presented with a cheque valued at $30,000, which will be used for the procurement of football gear.
This competition follows on the heels of the recently concluded Michael Stern Netball Competition, which was held in that constituency. The MP is also working closely with the Clarendon Cricket Association, to stage a competition later this year.
Mr. Stern informed JIS News, that these sporting events are being used to unite persons from the various communities, and to foster a spirit of camaraderie.
He also pointed out that they could assist to build self esteem and a sense of self worth among constituents, as they discover their hidden potential, through friendly competition.
“Sports is very dear to my heart. It was through sports that I was able to win a scholarship to study abroad and earn a degree. Therefore, I am willing to invest in sports in this constituency, if it will help to build capacity, and create opportunities for the people to better themselves,” he told JIS News.
Mr. Stern has allocated approximately $1 million of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), for the development of sports in North West Clarendon.