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Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, has said that there is no evidence to suggest that there is an organised ring committing rapes and abductions.
The Commissioner, who was addressing the 21st annual conference of the Neighbourhood Watch Council held on (Nov. 8), at Kendal Camp and Conference Centre in Manchester, said that persons should be careful how they pass on information regarding recent incidents. He warned that irresponsible persons can cause serious harm if they create hysteria.
“The country has whipped itself up in the last two weeks with fears of rapes and abductions. Two weeks ago I got reports that young girls at schools in Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth and Manchester were going to be abducted. We sent an increased presence in the areas and not one of the reports was proven. When these things happen, they are driven by many motives, but I assure that there is no evidence that they are organised,” he stated.
The Police Commissioner pointed out that he had personally made note of every incident that has been reported, and that every police division has taken steps to provide assurance and respond to every report.
“There are lot of rumours going around, and when reports come in we respond, because we believe that people must be reassured about their safety. Every situation has to be investigated. We cannot jump to conclusion, and I assure you that we are not leaving anything to chance,” he added.
He further pointed out that “It is important that we don’t panic and if the people panic, our leaders at all levels don’t panic. We have to have steady hands and calm nerves. We need to have the truth, and the police will seek the truth and if it is bad or good we will let it be known, but we have to be responsible in how we address these things. We can’t link issues when they are no links,” the Commissioner said.

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