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Novelette Morris, Auditor at the National Land Agency (NLA) walked away with the top ranking in the finance category of the 2003 Public Sector Brain Games tournament, which was staged on Friday, November 21 as part of Civil Service week activities.
A beaming Mrs. Morris told JIS News that her triumph, in what was the toughest of the five categories, was a team effort on the part of the NLA entrants.
The other team members were Troy Stanberry (General Knowledge); Yvonne Moore (Access to Information); Donna Johnson-Fowler, (Secretaries); and Maro Dixon, (Information Technology). During the competition, Mrs. Morris was required to successfully solve a set of finance problems without the aid of a calculator.
Hard work and dedication saw the agency placing third in the tournament with 310 points behind the Administrator General’s Department, which came in second with 355 points while the Office of the Prime Minister copped first place with 387 points.
Mrs. Morris, who has served for 21 years in the public sector, the last eight of which has been with the NLA, said that her department would be “going for the crown this year”, a challenge which she is looking forward to.
The Public Sector Brain Games is a tournament in which public sector employees compete against each other in a number of categories. This year’s competition was much bigger in terms of support, with over 60 competitors from the seven government entities, which participated.
Entrants in each category are required to answer questions related to either the work of secretaries, the current access to information initiative, information technology jargon, simple mathematics or general knowledge. It is expected that the competition will provide an avenue for healthy competition.
Tony Leaky of OPM, was adjudged this year’s most valuable player ahead of Lecia Stewart of the Administrator General’s Department for his contribution to his team’s score. The winning OPM team comprised Carval Hanniford (General Knowledge); Nadia Adams (Access to Information); Mari-Ann Whyte (Secretaries), Tony Leakey (Information Technology), and Tony Leaky (Finance).
The team from the Auditor General’s Department was Michelle Barrett (General Knowledge); Lecia Stewart (Access to Information), Michelle Williamson (Secretaries); Lecia Stewart and Kojo Nyame (Information Technology), Melva Josephs (Finance).
The lesser places went to the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology came in fourth with 304 points, while the Ministry of Justice placed fifth with 253 points and the Management Institute for National Development took sixth place with 191 points. The Ministry of Agriculture came in seventh with 92 points. The top three entrants in each category were awarded plaques and medals.

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