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The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has awarded nine educational institutions across the island with cash prizes and trophies, for the quality of the entries in the RADA School Garden Competition.
The institutions were chosen from a group of over 50 entries and were judged in the categories of Vocational Institutions, High and Technical High schools, and Primary, Junior High and All Age schools.
Speaking at the World Food Day workday and presentation ceremony at the William Knibb High School in Trelawny where the presentations were made, Minister of Agriculture, Roger Clarke stressed government’s commitment to the agricultural sector, noting that food security and safety were among its top priorities.
Mr. Clarke stated that the government was mindful of the extent of the damage suffered by farmers due to the recent hurricane and had put in place relief programmes specifically for farmers.
“So far we have distributed approximately $20 million to those farmers who have suffered under Hurricane Charlie. We have another $200 million which is going to be distributed to the farmers who suffered under Ivan, and we hope that more resources will be made available,” he said. Mr. Clarke further informed that the hurricane relief distribution to offset the damage suffered by farmers should begin within another week.
In the Vocational Institutions category, the top three school gardens were the Ebony Park HEART Academy, the St. John Bosco Boys School, and the Sydney Paygon Vocational Institute which took first, second and third place respectively.
In the High and Technical High Schools category, the school garden at Dinthill Technical placed first, Vere Technical placed second, while Albert Town High took the third place. Meanwhile, in the Primary, All Age and Junior High category, third place went to Lowe River All Age in Trelawny; second place went to Sligoville All Age in St. Catherine, while the top school garden in that category was the Rock Hall All Age School garden in St. Andrew. Each third place school collected a cheque for $3,000, second place schools received $4,000 and first place schools received $8,000 and a sponsor’s trophy.

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